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Working for the cause

Out of the world’s 25 leading philanthropists, 24 are from the USA. One of these is Jon M Huntsman Sr, who has donated billions over the years to many causes, with cancer research his leading priority. Mercedes Amézola went to meet him


Unlocking regional resources for regional development

A forthcoming World Economic Forum meeting will discuss how enhancing cross-regional assets and forming innovative partnerships can boost growth across Europe, MENA and Eurasia. Nicholas Davis has the details


Playing with ideas

An interview with Yesim Kunter, futurist and Play expert


The Proteak standard: Making forestry matter

Since its creation in 2000, Proteak has defied forestry sector paradigms by maximising the value of each component along an integrated value chain, maintaining the highest environmental and social standards along the way


Six popular commodities, currencies and stocks you should be trading

In March, UFX answered the question “What should I trade?” with four forex insights for 2014. This time, the regulated online broker picks two commodities, two currencies and two stocks that seem to provide limitless opportunities to make money on the markets


The rise of Europe’s unicorns

New research shows Europe’s ability to churn out multi-million dollar enterprises – known as unicorns – rivals the United States. However, these firms, which often explode onto the scene from nowhere, face formidable challenges. Sherelle Jabobs reports


Southern Africa Making the world rethink a region

After FedEx Express acquired Supaswift businesses in southern Africa earlier this year, David Binks visited the region to gain an on-the-ground view of the local market. Here, he reveals why trade with Europe, SME growth, and global-local logistics partners, are priming the region to become a future commercial hub


The art & science of managing risk

Frederic Ducoulombier discusses a professional PhD that provides an insight into the inner-workings of the financial markets

4th Global Innovation Forum post image

4th Global Innovation Forum

4th Global Innovation Forum Location: etc.venues Dexter House, London, UK From: Tuesday, 19th November 2014, 09:00 To: Wednesday, 20th November 2014, 17:00 Event Details: The 4th Global innovation Forum will discuss the latest trends in the field of innovation, creativity, design, R&D and new product development, as well as the major challenges for the future. […]


Breaking the law

The proliferation of cybercrime has cast a long shadow over our transition to an online world. It’s a 21st century problem, and it shows no signs of abating. Alex Katsomitros investigates


South Africa’s bold designs

As the World Design Capital 2014, Cape Town has a platform to redefine its urban areas and embrace transformation, while Johannesburg is using design as a tool to generate a fresh perspective. Sherelle Jacobs heads to South Africa to find out more


Driven by ideas

Mercedes Amézola speaks to Julie Meyer, founder and CEO, Ariadne Capital, about innovation, trends in technology, and investing in people


Ahead in the cloud

If you apply the same level of preparation to a dedicated cloud strategy, as you would preparing for real competitive action, there can only be one winner. Theo Priestley, Chief Evangelist, Software AG, offers a few pointers…


The Shifting Narrative On Gold Investment

The purchase of gold bullion is an example of a personal investment opportunity. However, because the gold market and the strategies attached to it have shifted a great deal in the past year, it’s one well worth addressing for independent investors.


How financially savvy are you?

In a world where financial markets are becoming increasingly accessible to the small investor one would expect everyone to have basic financial knowledge. But is this the reality?


Thriving on data

When Steve Ballmer announced his retirement in 2013 as head of Microsoft, shares surged in the belief that new leadership was exactly what was needed. Sherelle Jacobs looks at the challenges facing new CEO, Satya Nadella, as he begins a new chapter in the company’s history