Berlin: a new business capital

Berlin has always been a favourite with those looking to combine a cool, cultural escape with style and luxury. But now the business community has caught on too. Finbarr Toesland explores

Welcome to a new way of working

Businesses of all sizes are changing the way they work by becoming more agile, flexible, cost-effective and ultimately, more productive

Stay in style at the Zurich Marriott Hotel

Within walking distance of the historic Old Town and the ‘shopper’s mile’, the Zurich Marriott Hotel ensures whatever the reason for your visit, you’ll look forward to returning

BCS Bank: maximising opportunities in Angola

BCS Bank provides cutting-edge financial services in Angola by bringing clarity to the business environment and offering a tailored service to private investors

Make an impact on the financial world

Dr Abraham Lioui of EDHEC Business School discusses a PhD that provides an insight into state-of-the-art practices within the financial industry

Anti-corruption procedure in the USA: an expert analysis

John C. Kocoras of McDermott Will & Emery discusses the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enforcement and highlights why companies outside the US should be aware of the consequences of not following anti-corruption protocols

Latin America’s success story

Founded by Rodrigo Lebois, UNIFIN Financiera has grown to become the largest independent public leasing corporation in Latin America. It’s a story of resilience and innovation

A boutique approach to structured products

In the right measures, with the optimal counterpart, expert levels of control and know-how, structured products become useful instruments. Welcome to the world of VOLTYLAB

The energy to power Mexico and beyond

Fermaca has successfully constructed an integrated natural gas network from Waha in the USA to Guadalajara in Mexico. It’s just one of many immense projects delivered by the company over recent years

Bank Islam: driven by social responsibility

A pioneer among Shariah-compliant financial institutions in Southeast Asia, Bank Islam regards its success and the progress of Malaysia as one and the same

Portugal’s golden real estate boom

Portugal is now delivering high returns on real estate investment, largely due to a residence initiative launched in 2012. Tiago Camara of PTGoldenVisa explains

CMB: an ambassador for Monaco

CMB has developed a unique identity among Europe’s banks by working proactively with clients to forge relationships that stand the test of time

Streamline your distribution strategy

Although gaining entrance to the European market with a fund marketing passport is relatively easy, attracting fund selectors and institutional investors is not. Manuela Fröhlich of LRI Group, believes asset managers need a new approach to distribution

Cancer and the collapse of the global economy

As well as devastating people’s lives, cancer also has the capacity to wreak economic havoc. Dr Arnold Baskies, Dr Amit Kumar and Robert A. Berman outline a series of measures to lessen the impact