Protect your business travel data

Over the course of organising a business trip, company and personal data will be stored across multiple systems. If it’s not managed properly, it becomes vulnerable

Welcome to the machine

With labour costs in Asia gradually rising, while technology becomes cheaper at home, it makes sense for companies to stop outsourcing production and let robots do the work. Alex Katsomitros reports on a new era of automation

Is it the end for email?

Email is such an integral part of our daily lives that it’s surprising to learn its long-term use is in doubt. Finbarr Toesland speaks to the experts who believe we may be witnessing the end of an era

How to be fit for digital in the age of disruption

In an era defined by rapid change, organisations must learn that survival goes beyond adapting to new technology. It means embracing collaboration and finding new ways of working. Duncan Tait, Fujitsu, explains

A platform for change

Digital platforms change everything we know about how markets work, a new book claims. Its authors explain to Alex Katsomitros how this revolution came about and what we should expect next

Ahead of the curve

The annual Oktane conference is an opportunity for the IT industry to come together and explore the latest innovations.
Finbarr Toesland went to Las Vegas to meet two of the world’s leading tech experts

Reality check

After numerous false dawns, VR technology finally looks ready to shape the way we live. Len Williams finds out whether this time it’s for real

Building for a smarter future

The rapid advance in digital technology has brought the city of the future sharply into focus. Len Williams meets the innovators making it happen and analyses the issues shaping the smart city vision

Ensure your business moves with the times

Smart multifunction printers offer an intelligent solution to changing SMB workplace pressures. Tetsuya Kuri, OKI Europe Ltd, outlines how the technology can work for you

Pulling numbers out of the air

Finbarr Toesland investigates the world of cloud accounting and asks whether new technology can help businesses make better and timely decisions

Digital Europe: streamlining for the future

Hampered by a maze of national regulations, Europe has failed to produce its own Google or Facebook. Can the European Commission’s ambitious European Digital Single Market strategy make the great leap forward? Alex Katsomitros finds out

Wired up to work

Companies are increasingly providing office workers with smartwatches and movement trackers to monitor health and efficiency. But why would anyone agree to pass personal data to their employer? Len Williams investigates

Virtually human

From apocalyptic novels to warnings from leading academics, Artificial Intelligence has always been a hot topic. Len Williams examines whether we really have anything to fear