London’s business travel gateway

With a gymnasium among its suite of luxury amenities, award-winning TAG Farnborough Airport is the only airport in the UK entirely dedicated to business aviation

2016: a year of achievements for UFX

From real-time technologies to interactive videos and tweets, online CFD broker UFX has engaged traders worldwide with a series of new initiatives over the last 12 months

Where business is a pleasure

Set in the heart of the city, the ELLINGTON HOTEL BERLIN is fully equipped to meet the demands of any business event. It’s also the perfect place to relax afterwards

Islamic finance must explore digital horizons

Sohail Jaffer, Deputy CEO of FWU Takaful, examines the challenges facing the global takaful market and highlights why Islamic finance must embrace digitalisation

APC: leaders in the business of growth

Asia Plantation Capital is a standard bearer for environmentally conscious business and shows the way forward for companies looking to add forestry products to their investment portfolio

The pulse of the digital healthcare revolution

Edinburgh’s world-class tech scene is driving innovation in digital healthcare by creating public and private sector opportunities to tackle some of medicine’s greatest challenges

Achieving excellence across Europe’s markets

Already a provider of top investment products in Liechtenstein and many Eastern European countries, ICM is now established in Romania, where its capacity to innovate is delivering a strong market position

Why Argentine bonds offer the best risk-adjusted returns

Ezequiel Zambaglione, Head of Strategy & Research at PUENTE, advises Latin America investors how to construct the best risk-return portfolios by adding risk-free assets to protect portfolios against political uncertainty

MDO: thinking ahead for you

Martin Vogel, CEO of MDO Management Company, explains the importance of choosing the right management company for an investment fund and outlines its role and duties

Putting shipbreaking on course for sustainability

With first-hand experience of the shipbreaking yards of Bangladesh, Susan Wingfield of the UN’s Basel Convention is confident a raft of recent measures can encourage a more sustainable industry

Welcome to the future of shipping

Birgit Liodden describes how Europe’s leading maritime event, Nor-Shipping, is ready to showcase the innovation, equipment and companies set to define the future of the industry

Sharjah: The powerhouse of the UAE

Renowned for its pro-business approach and admired for its culture and history, Sharjah has earned its place on the global stage

Take your skills to the next level

Those in search of a well connected business school, that offers a dynamic academic environment and creates big opportunities, should look no further