Defining global living in Thailand

Ascott has become the first choice around the world when it comes to finding a quality home away from home – so business and leisure travellers in Thailand are in for a real treat

Takaful: rich in potential for expansion

Sohail Jaffer, Deputy CEO, FWU Dubai Services GmbH, outlines why the long-term prospects for growth in Islamic insurance remain compelling well beyond its strongholds in Southeast Asia and the Gulf

Doing more than just the ‘right thing’

By promoting awareness through a number of initiatives, the Natal Joint Municipal Pension/Provident Funds is putting members first and positioning itself as a leader of the South African Pension fund industry

UBL Fund Managers Delivering on promise

UBL Fund Managers is leading the way in Pakistan by developing a range of products that deliver ultimate value for the clients. The firm’s achievements have been driven by cutting-edge innovation and have received widespread recognition

UAE Exchange: agile, relevant, successful

UAE Exchange is blazing a trail in the remittance industry by utilising technology in a way that makes money transfer easier and more secure than ever

Revolutionising banking in Kuwait

Warba Bank has been creating a buzz recently by rewarding its customers with grand monthly prizes. It’s just one way it’s shaking up the banking sector in Kuwait

ICM: masters of balancing risk and opportunity

Liechtenstein’s leading asset management firm, International Capital Management AG, has risen to prominence by recognising that clearly measurable performance is the answer to constantly changing markets

2017 outlook: time for a policy reload

Uncertainty over the direction of policy is weighing on investment, and only a decisive turn toward fiscal easing or structural reform can break the cycle of stagnation, write Rachel Ziemba and Kevin Harris of 4CAST-RGE

Ahead of the curve

The annual Oktane conference is an opportunity for the IT industry to come together and explore the latest innovations.
Finbarr Toesland went to Las Vegas to meet two of the world’s leading tech experts