Studioseven: Number 1 for events in Malta

When you’re organising a conference or event, innovation and precision are key. Your guests ought to feel that they’re being treated to a unique experience, while you also need the peace of mind that everything will be all right on the night. That’s why so many companies organising events on the picturesque Mediterranean island of Malta rely on Studioseven – the island’s leading audiovisual professionals – as the perfect partner to transform an ambitious concept into a flawless and memorable event.

Be it a product launch, a gala dinner or a large conference, the Studioseven team has extensive experience working across a full spectrum of events, their project management team is fully prepared to assist with logistics and provide all required support. All sound and lighting requirements can be taken care of by a team of dedicated professionals whose experience in the field is matched by their passion for it. Studioseven also specialise in audiovisual support; their expert service even extends to producing and editing any required material during the event itself, should the occasion call for it. This may be transmitted to your guests and delegates via big screens of various size, or projected spectacularly onto large surfaces like bastions, buildings and cliffs.

Bespoke solutions
The Studioseven design team is fully geared up to help clients design, produce and launch effective marketing material while their design capability also comes into play during the planning and construction of your set. The nature and specifications of the event, technical requirements, your company’s colour scheme and a whole host of other variables will be taken into consideration to create a set that reflects your objectives in an inspired manner.

Additionally, Studioseven can provide a whole host of other invaluable solutions for your conference or event. These include translation systems, simultaneous interpretation, a satellite uplink capability, wireless voting systems, and just about anything else that may be required.

Over the years, Studioseven has had the pleasure to work on some hugely exciting projects; from large multi-day and multi-national conferences to extravagant inauguration events. Studioseven’s success stems from their dedication to perfection and enthusiasm to take on new challenges. Their work ethic ensures that partners and clients alike find them friendly, resourceful completely dependable, and highly creative.

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