Building for a smarter future

The rapid advance in digital technology has brought the city of the future sharply into focus. Len Williams meets the innovators making it happen and analyses the issues shaping the smart city vision


Ensure your business moves with the times

Smart multifunction printers offer an intelligent solution to changing SMB workplace pressures. Tetsuya Kuri, OKI Europe Ltd, outlines how the technology can work for you


Pulling numbers out of the air

Finbarr Toesland investigates the world of cloud accounting and asks whether new technology can help businesses make better and timely decisions


Digital Europe: streamlining for the future

Hampered by a maze of national regulations, Europe has failed to produce its own Google or Facebook. Can the European Commission’s ambitious European Digital Single Market strategy make the great leap forward? Alex Katsomitros finds out


Wired up to work

Companies are increasingly providing office workers with smartwatches and movement trackers to monitor health and efficiency. But why would anyone agree to pass personal data to their employer? Len Williams investigates


Virtually human

From apocalyptic novels to warnings from leading academics, Artificial Intelligence has always been a hot topic. Len Williams examines whether we really have anything to fear


Using data to gain transparency

ARI, the world’s largest privately held fleet management services company, supports their clients by offering the tools necessary to turn all of that data into opportunities to reduce total cost of ownership


Every cloud needs a home

Matthew Dent, CEO, Volta Data Centres, explains what businesses should look for when finding a home for their cloud services


Big data made clear for all

Big data is the fastest growing segment in the IT field. It’s spoken about everywhere, yet it’s also a semi-misleading term and is often misused and misunderstood. Norman Kutemperor, CEO, Scientel, explains more


Give your business indepth insight

PatFolio can deliver integrated intellectual property management software to enterprises looking to achieve short-term tactical and long-term strategic objectives


Scientel® The voice of big data

Big data is big business and will affect organisations of all types. Unconventional data handling methodologies employed by truly Polymorphic DB solutions such as the Gensonix® NoSQL DB is crucial for effective big data solutions


Catapulting to progress

Dave King speaks to Kevin Baughan, Director of Technology and Innovation, Innovate UK, about the preparation for next year’s launch of two new Catapults


Pioneering technology solutions

Over the years the University of Greenwich has helped scores of innovators and industry experts succeed by finding solutions to the most perplexing problems


Dubai set to undergo a major facelift

With climate change high on the political agenda across the world, governments are seeking new and innovative ways to reduce carbon levels without affecting standards of living. Dubai is leading the way with its retrofitting strategy


What does it take to win with innovation?

Organisations that can harness their data for policy, scientific, technical and market purposes are going to be the inners.
IBM Distinguished Engineer, Dr Trevor Davis, explains why


Kickstarting creativity

The UK is establishing itself as world leader in technology and innovation. Ahead of Innovate UK 2014, Dave King meets some of the inventors prospering in this pioneering arena