ATFX: prioritising service

By combining cutting-edge technology with an extensive product range and gold standard client service, ATFX is setting itself apart from other online trading brokers

Why the UK remains a land of opportunity

Leonardo Braune, Managing Director of Intercorp Group explains that it’s not just the financial advantages that influence high-net-worth individuals to relocate to the UK

The calmer way to invest

DPM Finanzas helps its clients to build the very best portfolios by offering a service based on expertise, transparency and tailored solutions

Spotify lights the way for unicorns

In April, Spotify chose an unorthodox way to go public. Alex Katsomitros examines whether the company’s bold move will stir the stagnant waters of tech IPOs

AJA: making business happen

With a team of multi-disciplined, expert attorneys, AJA is the essential partner for any company looking to operate in the MENA region

BCPG: energy for everyone

By utilising smart technology to make renewable energy accessible and affordable to all, BCPG is playing a key part in the battle against climate change

Stop going digital

Most digital transformation initiatives fail because they are seen as the goal and not as an enabler, therefore fast-changing business ecosystems require superior management to drive successful enterprise transformation

Costa Rica: an innovation lab for business

The scale of Costa Rica, as a boutique location, allows it to respond to global trends by developing world-class talent. A secret many corporate leaders have now discovered

Egypt’s bank of distinction

Banque Misr has not only become recognised as one of the region’s leading banks by its loyal customers, but also by industry peers around the world

Lisbon: the city of opportunity

With Deutsche Bank Portugal by your side, now is the time to invest in one of Europe’s most exciting cities

Delivering the future of banking to Mexico

BBVA Bancomer is focusing on digital transformation through a strategy that embraces collaboration with fintechs and sets user experience at the forefront of its agenda

Delivering on a digital vision

By developing a leading-edge suite of products and services that ensures customers receive the very best value, Union Bank of the Philippines has positioned itself at the forefront of digital banking

Leisure at heart, business in mind

Gabriel Escarrer Jaume, Vice Chairman and CEO of Meliá Hotels International, highlights the excellent progress the company is making towards its 2020 Strategic Vision

Helping you harness the blockchain

If you’re looking to incorporate the blockchain into your business, but struggling to put the pieces together, Blockchain Foundry can make it happen

A singular perspective

A very special guest took to the stage at this year’s Oktane18 technology conference – former US President Barack Obama. Finbarr Toesland was in attendance