All About the Experience

With immersive and experiential marketing campaigns becoming the norm over the next decade, the pressure is on for companies to get their strategies right. Finbarr Toesland examines the developments

World Takaful Conference

Dubai International Financial Centre joins the world’s most influential global Takaful forum

Success for Banco Nacional Ultramarino (BNU)

The European Magazine continues to acknowledge businesses that enable and boost the economy and recognizes a selection of companies, such as such as Banco Nacional Ultramarino, for their progress, competitiveness and outstanding performance in their respective fields. Banco Nacional Ultramarino (BNU) received the “Most Innovative Bank Of The Year 2018 – South East Asia 2018” […]


Appian partner convedo expands offering and adds Robotic Process Automation services

What makes Algotechs the leading innovative technology of 2018

The European uncovers why Algotechs’ automated trading software is the hottest topic of 2018, why their clients have incredible reviews for them, and how their statistics rise with each passing day. Our findings show that Algotechs is in fact, the leading, innovative technology of our current era

Online ventures target global Muslim consumer market

From travel guides to shopping portals, new Internet ventures aim to capitalise on the growing ‘Muslim lifestyle’ market, which is expanding beyond food to include areas such as tourism, fashion and credit cards

Building a better Peru

Centenario has become Peru’s most successful real estate group through a history of strategic diversification and the ability to predict and adapt to changing market trends

The pulse of Swiss finance

One organisation underpins most of the Swiss financial infrastructure, connecting companies around the world with global investors and trading platforms – meet SIX Group

BND Levante Group

BND Levante Group S.A. has been awarded for Best Alternative Investment in Spain by The European Global Banking & Finance Awards 2018

Short-term outlook is promising for Argentina

Juan Manuel Pazos, Head Strategist at Puente, reflects on a strong 2017 for Argentina’s ruling coalition, and casts an eye on what the markets can expect from a series of reforms

Investing in tomorrow

By creating an investment landscape based on sound business practice and adherence to ESG principles, ACTIAM is actively contributing to a better world

Get ahead with the cloud

Florian Clever, founder of cleversoft group, explains how innovative regtech cloud-based solutions can help financial institutions cope with new regulation