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Do you wish your organisation could manage innovations and monetise IPs and therefore transform the way you manage patents?

How about with pre-built integrations and the automation of cradle-to-grave scenarios and processes, so you can accelerate time-to-value and improve ROI?

A key issue in most organisations is that business, technical and legal functions operate as three distinct groups and thereby impede delivering optimal value. Another major challenge is that these groups are constrained with siloed and antiquated systems, affecting the strategic management of IP assets.

Also, most organisations today don’t have their IP strategy aligned with business strategy and are, therefore, not able to respond quickly to rapid business transformational changes. The gaps in alignment create a drag on performance and undermine delivering full potential. To better manage innovations and monetisation, it is critical all functions are aligned to achieve the strategic objectives of organisations to take innovations from lab to marketplace and improve returns on R&D investments and provide better stakeholder value.

Turnkey application

VajraSoft Inc. PatFolio automates global patent portfolio management, the patent lifecycle process and empowers customers to create, manage and protect the portfolio on end-to-end basis. This turnkey application solution automates global patent portfolio management & financials, track IP filing costs, and manage patent prosecution phase, IP spend as well as analytics reporting, providing indepth business operations insights.

Leveraging PatFolio, IP executives can strategically manage their IP assets. Businesses can align IP strategy with business strategy and improve monetisation. This Integrated Intellectual Property Management software automates IP creation, IP protection, IP exploitation and IP performance, and delivers executives deeper insight into all aspects of IP business operations as well as providing actionable intelligence to make informed decisions, reduce costs and improve efficiency. The pre-built integrations with Enterprise Resource Planning – ERPs – like Oracle or SAP invoices and cloud applications automate key business processes, provide superior Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and improve ROI further. The built-in email integration allows users to send patent monitoring alerts and notifications. ERP integrations empower IP Managers to track and control patent costs and reduce spend. The project integration helps in tracking how IPs are being used in different programmes, projects and products, throwing light on return on R&D investments.

In essence, well-aligned IP organisations leveraging automation, benefit from operating in full potential and achieve both, short-term tactical and long-term strategic objectives and increase stakeholder value.

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