Identifying eMobility’s hidden potential


Companies today face rising pressure to procure a fleet solution with a smaller carbon footprint and lower total cost of mobility (TCM). Through its unique Electrification Potential Analysis (EPA), leading business mobility provider Alphabet International is able to uncover hidden potential for eMobility, and help businesses reach their business mobility objectives.

Part of a holistic approach

Integral to its holistic consulting approach, Alphabet applies the EPA to concretely assess each company’s individual mobility needs, and to create a solution in line with a company’s strategic targets – whether the focus is on saving costs or reducing CO2 emissions. The EPA does so by precisely identifying how electric vehicles (EVs) can optimally be integrated into a company’s current fleet.

How the EPA works

Driven by real client data, the EPA is key to revealing a company’s hidden potential. To conduct it, removable loggers are temporarily fitted into fleet vehicles, where they record metrics such as speed, distance travelled, acceleration behaviour and parking. This information reveals the total fleet energy consumption and CO2 emissions, and provides the basis for the proposed eMobility solution.

After completing the EPA, Alphabet factors a company’s individual targets into the proposal, be it lower TCM or reducing carbon emissions. Maximising vehicle utilisation is one way Alphabet effectively helps clients save costs. By equipping a fleet with smaller cars and choosing EVs over combustion ones, companies can easily shrink their carbon footprint.

Based on the EPA’s results, Alphabet configures a precise fleet driving profile and proposes a tailored eMobility solution featuring the optimum mix of EVs and combustion vehicles along with the suitable charging infrastructure.

eMobility and Corporate CarSharing

With the EPA Alphabet is able to evaluate different concrete fleet electrification scenarios (according to customer needs). It then applies a future-orientated approach that could combine eMobility with Corporate CarSharing by integrating the BMW i3 into AlphaCity, the carsharing solution for businesses. An innovative, fully-electric urban vehicle, the BMW i3 has a net effect of reduced CO2 emissions and TCM – thanks to savings on fuel, parking fees and congestion charges – making it is particularly suitable for city driving in fleet cars.

Profiting from hidden potential

Today, companies stand to profit greatly from the huge leaps eMobility has taken in recent years. The feedback from cutting-edge businesses who have already contracted Alphabet to perform the EPA is clear: eMobility has a bright future in business mobility. What businesses need most is an experienced partner like Alphabet who can identify opportunities and respond to their personal situation and objectives.

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