Helping you harness the blockchain

If you’re looking to incorporate the blockchain into your business, but struggling to put the pieces together, Blockchain Foundry can make it happen

Is your business ready for GDPR?

The imminent arrival of new EU data privacy laws means that businesses must be prepared or face tough penalties. Katherine E. Kolnhofer, lawyer at Bell Temple LLP explains how it works

Make the robots to work for you

By revolutionising business processes and workflows, Robotic Process Automation offers a multitude of benefits. Sascha Cutura of convedo walks us through the nine steps to harness its power

All About the User Experience

With immersive and experiential marketing campaigns becoming the norm over the next decade, the pressure is on for companies to get their strategies right. Finbarr Toesland examines the developments

People analytics: insight or intrusion?

Exciting new technology is allowing companies to analyse employee and workplace efficiency. Yet, concerns around privacy persist. Len Williams speaks to the experts involved

Quantopian: Managing the business of a new reality

The proliferation of artificial intelligence is not only disrupting the world of business, it is changing everything we thought we knew about leadership. Alex Katsomitros examines the challenges

Processing technology change

Finbarr Toesland heads to Oktane17 in Las Vegas to uncover the platforms and trends transforming the world of technology

Automatically sorted

It’s a dirty job, but someone has got to do it. Or do they? Len Williams discovers how robots are revolutionising the world of waste management

Finland supports eTrade for all

The Government of Finland is showing its support for inclusive e-commerce by contributing a half a million euros to the UNCTAD-led ‘eTrade for all’ initiative

Managing data for industry 4.0

Nordic Health Innovation AB’s Tina Berggren caught up with Johard to find out why data analysis must learn to survive without the data in Industry 4.0

Man and machine: the perfect fraud-fighting team

Roberto Valerio, CEO of fraud prevention software experts Risk Ident, explores the rise of machine learning technology in helping businesses fight back against online criminals

Protect your business travel data

Over the course of organising a business trip, company and personal data will be stored across multiple systems. If it’s not managed properly, it becomes vulnerable

Welcome to the machine

With labour costs in Asia gradually rising, while technology becomes cheaper at home, it makes sense for companies to stop outsourcing production and let robots do the work. Alex Katsomitros reports on a new era of automation